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HydraNautics Hydraulic
Drive System

HydraNautics hydraulic thrusters are powered by a clutched pump mounted on the generator.

HydraNautics created a unique power takeoff system and belt drive to turn on the pump only when the thruster operates. When you thrust to port or starboard everything engages, when you release the joystick control the pump valve and motors disengage and stop.

The pump is not turning and no load is placed on the generator when the thruster is not running.

Other brands direct couple the pump to the generator, which makes the pump run any time the generator does, wasting power, fuel, requiring larger fluid reservoirs, and water coolers to control the temperature of the fluid, these systems also need to be winterized, HydraNautics does not.

Direct coupled systems will waste as much as 3 KW of power from your generator, HydraNautics clutched system does not.

Thrusters are used when you leave the marina and return, why run the pump all weekend? Not HydraNautics!

HydraNautics Clutch Drive System

(Pictured above) mounted on a Weterbeke generator

Examples of other brands direct drive systems.

2004 Sharpe Houseboat 16x84
This brand puts the pump inside a large aluminum reservoir and couples it directly to the generator. Notice the radiator on the side of the reservoir to cool down the wasted energy.

2004 Sharpe Houseboat Interior
This is a direct drive pump coupled to the generator on a Somerset boat. The above two systems place as much as 5 hp load on the generator all the time.


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